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Ear 2000 show review
Author: Josh
The Ear2000 show on Thursday rocked! We got there around 9:30, and there was literally 7 people there, and 3 of those were me and my friends. The place was pretty cool, but the price of beer seemed to go higher every time you went up. The first band we saw was good, the second sucked. About 10:30 or so David showed up, he wore a sparkly shirt, and I think vinyl pants, but before he came on stage he put on bubble wrap pants, and a bubble wrap shirt on, and then to top it off he wore a astronauts helmet. He brought a rad 50's mic, but I don't think it worked. They did about 8 songs, and he brought a fake bottle prop, and hit it over his head, and then explained the story of last time how he really did it. The show was great, oh yeah by the time ear 2000 came on there was a good number of people, 150 or so, maybe less, Im really bad at guesstimating. Courtney Cox, Lukas Haas, Anthony Kedias were there, among others. I went up to him after the show, and talked for a minute about the album, he said because they are working on it all themselves there isn't a date, and he doesn't know when it will come out. The music was a great mix of all styles.

Fall Time review **SPOILER WARNING**
Author: Sarah
I would definitely like to review the movie "Fall Time" since no one else seems to have . This is a movie he made back in '95 , but I think it's his best so far. except for the fact that he gets killed at the end, that is. He played the part of David, and his two best friends were Joey and Tim , played by Jonah Blechman and Jason London. The three teenagers plan to fake the town out by pretending to rob a bank. Too bad for them though, 'cause the same day, same time, two real bank robbers are planning to rob the same bank . Things get a little screwed after that. Actually , That's all I know because I've only seen part of it . The part I saw was fun and very entertaining, though. So go see this wonderful performance by David and tell me if you like it too!

Johns review
Author: Tristanama
I recently saw the movie Johns and I thought that David like usual, stole the scenes. He is a very gifted actor and here he plays a male prostitute. He sells his body to other men for money. His birthday is on Christmas Day and what he wanted more than anything is to spend the day in a fancy hotel room. His dreams never come to reality because someone stole the shoes where he keeps the money. When he finally gets some money, some drug dealers he owes money from takes it away from him. His best friend (played by Lucas Haas) tries to help him out by trying to get the money for him to spend the day. The movie is both sad and funny and it shows you a dose of the sad realities of Santa Monica Blvd. in California.

Fanview (Scream references)
Author: Suejf
I first noticed David only a month ago when I saw Scream 2 with some friends. Though the whole movie, I was like, oh my god, he's so fine. Plus the dorky/cutness of his character dewey was a plus. He potrayed him really great, and I practically cryed when he almost died. Actually, I stood up and said "Wha?!?" in the movie theater. ( heh heh.) I also loved it when Jerry O'Connel ( sid's new b-friend) sang " I think I love you." ( do I hear record deal?) , and Joel, the new camera man ( Brothers do live!). The bad point was when they killed Randy. Anyway, then I rented Scream 1. I have to say, David's hair was really cute in the first one. He was really funny in that one. ( Deputy dewey boy!) I watched it over and over. Drew B's little blood and guts was urgghh! But Rose McGowan was really great (" Pow! Super Bitch. You are so cool!") and so was Mathew Lillaid ("Liver alone!"). And Jamie Kennedy ( "Besides,only a man could do that.") Points for Neve and Cox. All in all two thumbs up, 5 stars, A+ for both Scream 1 and 2.

Fanview (Scream references)
Author: Krum
i love David. He is one of the HOTTEST guys i have ever seen.I lovedhim in Scream1 & Scream2. I really thought he died in Scream2. I'm glad he didn't. I started crying when i saw blood come out of his mouth. Then when i saw himcome out on the strecher at the end ALIVE i was like "YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Seriously! I love David Arquette & I love Dewey Riley. THE END.....